Sunday, July 28, 2013

Remember Florida?

Remember that I was supposed to move to Florida?

You might also have noticed my absence posting here.

Well, the move to FL might be postponed or canceled, depending on some things, and my absence here is related.  The past few weeks my health has been extremely poor. I haven't been sick, but I have symptoms that are frightening and we have no answers as to why I'm having them. We're trying to find a general practitioner Dr in our area now (We don't currently have a Dr.), who will see me on a short notice, because I am not doing well at all. Most days I have to stay in bed for the majority of the day.

So please keep me in your prayers if you've a mind to. It would be awesome if God would decide just to heal me and I wouldn't have to go to the Dr., but that might not be in His plan, and we just don't know, so we're moving forward with the Dr. Sometimes it takes 3 weeks to see a Dr. if you're a new patient, and we really don't want that. So also please pray for an expedited process of me getting seen. Thanks. :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm moving!

Not the blog. It's staying right here. But me, myself, I, am moving.  To Florida.

On a long term/semi permanent basis.

More info later.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writing Assignment #3

And here's another one for you. Pretty sure you haven't read this one. :)

              I clutched my copy of The House of Seven Gables, feeling the worn material of the binding beneath my fingers. Rocking up and down on my toes, I stared at the house in front of me. The hodgepodge peaked roof with weathered wooden shingles almost fit ‘my’ house, as I had started calling The House of Seven Gables when I was a kid.
               This wasn’t ‘my’ house, but it was close enough, and I had seen this one many times before. I eyed the Sale Pending notice that dangled from only one chain on the real estate sign. Interesting. It had been for sale for so long yet no one had even given it a second glance—until now, apparently. Sale Pending waved in the cool breeze. I frowned. It wasn’t as though I came by often, I managed a visit to my hometown only once a year.
             Shrugging, I turned away. The house was one I always admired, despite its dilapidated state. Whoever was buying the house was buying a ton of work. I tucked the House of Seven Gables into my purse. It was time to get going. The shop closed at three, and besides, nine in the morning wasn’t very far away when I still had ten hours of driving ahead of me. It wouldn’t do to be late for an interview, either.
                  I turned away and took a few steps down the cracked sidewalk. The chill wind picked up again, and I buttoned a few more buttons on my coat, closing it up to my neck. I hurried to where my car waited at the curb. I tugged on the handle once, but as usual the door didn’t budge. After a quick kick with my scuffed boot the door popped open.
            I slid into the driver’s seat and turned the key. The engine groaned then rumbled to life. It let out a sigh, as if saying, “Do we have to?” But once I put it in gear the car chugged obediently along, leaving the house behind us.
               The clock on the dashboard read 2:45. Fifteen minutes to go. The only reason I had stopped in this little town was to go to the shop, so I had better not be late! The house had distracted me from my mission. My wondering mind often got me in trouble that way.
              My car chugged along a street so narrow that the sidewalks threatened to invade the road. A few blocks down the road I stopped in front of my destination—Yum’s Ice Cream.  Less than imaginative name, but the owners made up for it with the crazy flavors and combinations they came up with. There was one in particular I was craving. Kiwi pecan ice cream—a flavor less than conventional, in fact, I didn’t know of another place that served it, and so I got to sample it only when I came into town to visit my parents. I put my car into park. Visiting my parents. That wouldn’t be happening anymore, and I was moving on with life.
               I stepped out of the car and headed for the ice cream shop. Kiwi pecan ice cream and then a 9 hour trip to a job interview and possibly a bright future.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Safely Home

I made it safely home this morning, since my mom so graciously decided to come out and get me from my brother's house (where I was last night). :)

While I was away a snake ate 2 of my chickens. :(  Woe for the chickies!    He also ate 6 of my sister's chickies.  Woe on the snake!  Stupid snake.

Fortunately, my dad and sisters caught it and cut off its head, so it won't be eating any more chickies. (It is legal in Tennessee to kill any snake harming livestock.  It was harming quite a bit of livestock.)

So now I'm home and getting back into the swing of things.

On the agenda:

Making 16 cockades
9 pillowcases
1 hat
2 purses
6 skirts

and editing my book :)