Sunday, December 23, 2012

Floor Finally Finished

Remember when we had the flooding crisis in our kitchen and we had to rip up the floor? . . . And part of the wall.

Yeah, fun times.

We had to rip up some of the wall in the next room over, too.

We ended up ripping up more tile and linoleum than we originally intended.

And once all the flooring was ripped up, I had to patch the wall with new dry wall.

The problem is, I had never hung dry wall before.

But I read how to do it, so I set about to work.

These aren't the finished pictures. First one has to hang the drywall then 'mud' it and sand it and mud it again and sand it again and then paint it.

After the dry wall was hung we finished ripping up all the linoleum, revealing the plywood beneath

Very sticky plywood because of the linoleum glue.

Then my dad helped me lay new plywood down.

Pretty. ^^

Once the plywood was down we vacuumed and started laying down the new tile (linoleum).

We had these handy little green spacers that allowed us to make sure all the tile were exactly the same width between each other.

The tiles had t rouble sticking in some places, so we laid weights on them.

Once the tile was laid, it was time to grout it!

We had grouting tools for only one person, so I said I would do it.

We had to meet the new tile up with the old tile and it looked better than we thought it would.

All done and grouted!

Once the tile was all done I had to paint the dry wall job.

So I wore boring socks just in case I spilled some paint.

And finished the dry wall!

But we're still not done!

Now it's time to lay the baseboards. Which I've never done, either. Actually, I had never had experience in any of this before, but it was fun an educational

Measuring the baseboard to see how long I need it to be.

And then it's done!

After cutting the baseboards I had to nail them in place, paint them, and caulk them. But I skipped those boring pictures.

We're so glad to have this job done and everything back in place!

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  1. Wow, it looks like there's nothing you can't figure out how to do. ;) Good for you! I don't know if I would tackle a tiling-drywall hanging-painting job...