Sunday, August 4, 2013

Answered Prayers

God's been doing some pretty amazing stuff around here. :)

The move is back on! I'm going to Florida on the 8th!

We had a Dr's appointment scheduled for the 20th, but we were praying (July 30th) there would be a cancellation and I could go sooner.  The very next day (July 31st) the Dr's office called and offered me a new appointment for the day after (August 1st)!  How cool is that?

We had the appointment and I liked the Dr quite a lot - which is surprising 'cause I normally don't like Drs. :P They seem condescending to me, but she wasn't at all.  We were also able to rule some things out and get a diagnosis and medication.  She also ordered some more tests to cover all the bases, but we're pretty sure it is Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).   I can't even remember how to say it most of the time.  

Of course we're hoping and praying I will eventually get over it, 'cause I can tell you it is a pain to live with. We're going on 8 weeks now. It's manageable, however.

So why am I going to FL on the 8th specifically? 

I got a job!

Sort of.  

Post about that to come.


  1. I understand it being a hard thing to live with, I am Orthostatic Intalorent (which, if I understand correctly, is a version of what you have). It can be a pain or embarrassing to have. But I will continue to pray that you will get over it! :)


  2. P.S. When do you think your third book will be coming out? :)


  3. Awwww I hope you get better soon we miss you!!! Also ^^^^^^^^^^^

  4. Praise God! Praying for continued healing, Amanda.
    Looking forward to hearing about that job! :)

  5. How far along in the book are you?!?!?!

  6. Amanda? Are you there? Yoo hoo?