Sunday, June 9, 2013

Florida and Back

So during my long absence I sneaked off to Florida and back.  Well, not literally sneaked. I rode in the car while my parents drove.

We left TN around 4 PM and arrived in FL at around 8AM the next day. Our first stop was in The Villages, FL to drop my sewing machine and embroidery machine off at a machine repair store (Stores down in FL charge 1/2 as much as those in TN)  and then we got to my grandmother's.

Then two days later or so, my niece was born!

Sammie is very cute, of course. 

So we stayed another week or so and then my dad had a writing workshop, we picked up my embroidery machine and headed home. 

Notice I didn't say sewing machine. It was broken beyond repair, so now I'm machine-less. We were able to buy a used-only-twice machine off of craigslist for $50, but that one is technically my mom's. ;)

So now I'm home again and in the swing of things. Sewing, writing, that sort of thing.

I'll have another writing assignment to share with you tomorrow or so =)

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