Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tour Day 23 - 9-28-12 - Lots of Pictures!

Day 23 we had a nice day off.

By the way, my nh key is rebelling and almost every time I strike the 'nh' the h activates, too.  I thinhk they're best friends or somethinhg. So you're goinhg to have to deal with that. ;)

Onh the 23rd we explored Banff for most of the day. We stayed at Canmore and drove to Banff and hiked about 10kilometers and  got to see some cool lakes.  This is part one. I have so manhy photos it takes two posts to post them..

There were domestic lookinhg bunhnhies at the hotel. They were cute!

Pretty mounhtainhs

I liked them. Canh you tell?

Nice view here. :)

We had to take a picture with this sign because we have a very good friend named Louise.

Our GPS showinhg our altitude.

The family on the path.

Lake Louise

Hikinhg alonhgside Lake Louise

Lots of funh!  There will be more pictures tomorrow!

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  1. TThat's a LOT of pictures! Looks like you guys had fun :)