Monday, October 29, 2012

VE is Done!

Viral Execution, book three in the Cantral Chronicles (Once known as CCB3)  is done.

Well, the first draft anyway.  There are still a billion things to do.

Like take the wristband away from character #3, name Noble programmer #2, and foreshadow the oxygen tank.


Anyway.  While the book is done, it's also really not done at all. The editing stage is quite long and often times, the hardest part of writing a book. Unfortunately, it's also the most crucial.  There will be about 8 stages of editing to VE before I send it to the publisher and it can get into your hands.

I have a cool idea for a cover image, though. :) 

So. Off to work I go! I plan on editing only one chapter today, because I need a little break after writing so much last week!  After I edit one chapter I'm going to work on my neck tie quilt.



  1. Yay! Congrats! I know you must feel good about getting it all written, even if that doesn't mean it's complete.. Hope the editing goes well!

  2. Awsome!!!! Sooooo cant wait to read it. Hey can you post a pic of the quilt when your done making it?

    1. I plan to post pictures of it in progress and when its complete.