Friday, November 2, 2012

Contest Time!

Here's what you've been waiting for! The contest. One of the prizes?  Naming a character in Viral Execution (among other things).

Now, recently,  my contests have been random drawings and the like, but this time you have a little bit more control over what you win. Personally, I like that a lot better, who wants to trust their winning to odds?

There will be things you can do to earn points.  Whoever has the most points by the contest end will earn the grand prize! There will be a second and third prize as well.

Now. How do you earn points?

5 points = Like this or any of the books' pages
5 = Have a friend like this page (and post on my wall to tell me about it)
10 = ask your librarian to order Precisely Terminated or Noble Imposter if your library doesn't have a copy
10 = write a book review and post it on your blog, amazon, CBD, B&N, or GoodReads  and tell me about the posting (You can post your review on each of these sites for another 10 points!)
10 = Take an imaginatively posed picture with PT or NI and post it on my wall
50 = purchase PT or NI during this contest (Sometime during November 1st through 30th) (And tell me about it by emailing me a copy of your receipt to )
120 = purchase PT and NI during this contest (Sometime during November 1st through 30th) (And tell me about it by emailing me a copy of your receipt to )

There could be more options to earn points if I think about them later. So check back!

The prizes!

1st place gets to name one of three characters* in VE. He or she gets to pick which of the three characters (A Noble female or one of two Seen males) and gets a copy of VE when it comes out
2nd place gets to name a character* in VE (Whichever of the two 1st winner doesn't pick) and Monica's necklace
3rd place gets to name a character* in VE (Whichever 1st prize and 2nd winner doesn't pick)

Dead line to get your submissions in for points is November 30th.

Sound exciting? Good! Get to work earning those points!

Names subject to my approval, but don't worry, I'm not to strict.  But please. No Bobs. ;)

Canadian fans may enter but are eligible for only the naming of the character prizes, not for the book or necklace - Sorry Canadian friends, but shipping is too expensive!


I originally posted this on my Facebook fan page, but I realize some of my blog readers don't have Facebook.

For those of you who do not have facebook you can earn 5 points for following this blog (And if you're already a follower, that counts, too) and telling me you have in a comment here.
5 points for getting a friend to follow the blog (and tell me about it here)

For those of you who want to take a picture of yourself with PT or NI, you can email it to me at amanda(at)daviscrossing(dot)com (replace the (at) with the @ symbole and (dot) with a period)   and I will post it on my blog (if you'd like, if you'd prefer it not be posted, that's fine, too)

If you already own PT or NI, consider purchasing a copy for a friend or family member ! :)  Christmas is coming up!


  1. Sounds fun! A couple questions: what if we don't have facebook? what if we already own both of your books?

    1. I added some rules for non facebook users. :)

    2. I added some rules for non facebook users. :)

  2. Sweet! I follow this blog as well as your other one, Amanda's Musings. (Do you count both or just one?) In fact, I check them almost everyday! :)

  3. I'm Amy, but my user name is WicketWacket and I'm following this blog. I invited Grace to follow this blog as well.

  4. When does the contest end? I want to think of some cool pics to take, but I don't want to be late.

    1. Okay, thanks for letting me know.