Monday, November 26, 2012

A Trip to an Antique Store

This trip actually took place months ago, but I realized I never posted the pictures!

 Bad me.

A friend invited me to spend the day with her in Jackson, TN (about an hour from my place) and we visited her mom's (Who has sheep and spinning equipment, etc) and went to an antique store, and shopping and out to dinner.  And the friend treated me to everything.  It was a very delightful surprise that I'm quite thankful for.

Here are some of the cool things I saw at the store.

This little box was about as big as my hand, though the picture doesn't convey that.

I really liked how they used the buttons as a border on this shelf.

I took a picture of this old metal dollhouse because my mom used to have one almost identical to it.

Even the people and plastic furniture that this doll house had (in that plastic bag) are similar to my mom's, so it was pretty neat to see.  But I'd never pay $50 for it. 

Loads and loads of old glass soda bottles, some for $5 a piece.  This store did not have cheap items. We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look.

This itty bitty tea set fit in the palm of my hand. It has a 'Blue Willow' pattern on it, which is what motivated me to take this picture.  Our regular dishes at home have the same pattern, and while between my sisters and I we've had 7 itty bitty tea sets like this from various countries, I've never seen this pattern on a small set.

A secretary cabinet very similar to one we have at home.

I'm a big star wars fan. B)  I liked seeing this, but I wasn't going to pay $20 for a rusted lunch box. :P

An cobbler's old stand.

The nifty ceiling fans at Cheddar's. Cheddar's is where we went out to eat. I had never been there before, but it was really tasty!


  1. Nice pictures, Amanda! I would have love to have been there with you! And about that Blue Willow tea set -- did you ever read the book Blue Willow about this girl that wants a permament home but is continually moving around with her parents and they're looking for work? I forget who wrote it.

    1. Thank you! =)

      I don't think I've heard that story, no. =)

  2. Cute dollhouse! My parents are currently helping my sisters make a homemade dollhouse. It's made out of cardboard, and they've found really cute scrapbook paper to cover the walls with. They even have paper that looks like wood to make a hardwood floor. :)
    Your trip to the antique shop looks like fun!