Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shopping and Whatnot

So . . .

I didn't get much done today.

You know why?  I was in Memphis all day, and going there and back amounts to about 3 hours of riding in the car. At least my mom was kind enough to drive half of it. :)

We had plenty of errands to run, Joann for more pillowcase fabric, wal-mart for all sorts of groceries. Thanksgiving's coming up, you know. Scored some pumpkins for 2 cents a piece. Yep. 2 cents.    Scored mini pumpkins 5 for 2 cents.   Seriously.   B)   Good thanksgiving decorations, those. 

And then we had to go to Best Buy to get a computer cable, costco for various things . . . kroger for gas ($2.95 per gal), Petsmart for some dog items, and Lowes for lumber for making chicken nesting boxes.

Lots to do and not enough time to do it, but we got most everything done.

I also went through and edited 13 chapters of VE. Round 2 of edits. :)


  1. WOOOPEEE for the 13 chapters!!!!!!! Can't wait to read it if and when I get the chance to! :D

  2. Sounds like a full day.
    Wow, you edit fast! What exactly does round 2 mean? Do you edit particular things in each round?
    Happy early Thanksgiving, by the way!

    1. Round 2 is done by the fabulous Ruth, a friend of mine. She edits it for typos, punctuation, and grammar and just fixes it for me if she sees anything. She also points out repeated words, continuity problems, and things she does or doesn't like. So I just have to fix what she notates. That's why it's so fast (round 2).

      Round 3 is my mom reading through it and doing the same thing Ruth is doing (but my mom makes me fix everything myself) ;) Because 2 pairs of eyes is better than 1.

      round 3 is me editing it again. Just reading through the whole thing, looking for errors.

      round 4 is my dad reading it. he looks for everything my mom looks for plus story holes and the like.

      then we edit it a few more times just for good measure.

    2. Ah, I see. Sounds like a pretty foolproof method of editing!