Thursday, November 8, 2012


Now that my book is done, I will theoretically have more time on my hands.


And I will post the pictures of our chickens that I took 3 months ago.

The no longer look like this.

But they are cute, aren't they?

We started with 25

and almost 3 months later we have 22.  Considering how fragile chickies are when they're newly hatched, that's really not that bad.

They were supposed to all be hens (that's what we ordered) but two are most definitely roosters.  They'll probably be the only ones who get named because the hens are all identical and it would be difficult to name them.

I decided to post the chickie pictures today because 1. they've been languishing on my computer for quite some time and 2. we're going to look at a dog today. A Great Pyrenees.

What does a dog have to do with chickies?

Quite a lot, actually.

We're not dog people. We don't really like dogs all that much, but we recognize their usefulness as farm animals and working dogs, and are able to care for them in that capacity.

A Great Pyrenees is just about the definition of a working farm dog. They were bred for that purpose. They guard cows, chickens, and goats, etc, and can even kill hawks and coyotes.  Since our chickens are now big enough to be let out of their pen, we need someone to protect them.

We found a Pyrenees for sale named Lily we're going to go look at this afternoon. Her owner has 4 other dogs and is looking to downsize. Pyrenees eat a lot. They're very large, weighing up to 150 pounds. (Or more, for the males).

So I'll let you know if we get her or not. She's 1 1/2 years old and has been raised with chickens from a young age, so that's a plus. Pyres (as people call them) must be raised with the animal they will guard to be effective at their job. 

So once we get a Pyre we can let our chickies run free. And I will take pictures.  We're not sure yet if we'll get Lily, of course, since we haven't seen her yet. We'll see. :)


  1. You're getting a dog? Wonderful! A Pyrenees though? Hope you have lots of space. I've heard Newfoundland dogs are great too and very loyal. Bernese mountain dogs are good too, but they don't live as long. We had a Pyre once, but she wasn't right in the head so we had to get rid of her :(. She started biting us and getting all aggressive. I highly suggest getting some books out on how to raise a dog. There's a lot to know and it’s worth it to know what you’re doing.
    (From a person who's lived with dogs all her life, especially big ones)

    1. CCB fan, yes we have 22 acres, so plenty of space. :) Don't worry, we've had plenty of dogs. We still have a 15 year old Aussie, who we've had all of her 15 years.

  2. We once had a black Poodle who went crazy for various reasons. And half of us were sad to let it go and the other half was glad to get rid of it.

    Love the Chickies though. We've got 10 chickens over here and there's one rooster. We had to kill our previous rooster because it went crazy.