Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chicken Coop!

Red and I worked on and finished another project. :)

I like projects.

Red wants to get chickens and we have no coop.  What we do have is a 4 stall barn. We decided to convert a stall into a coop

Stall from the outside.

First we put this orange construction netting over the rafters to make a ceiling. The netting is left over from another project.

We stapled it into place. Well, I did, anyway.

Ceiling is almost done. It took awhile and a lot of standing on the ladder.

We nailed these plywood boards to the open front and sides of the stall to close it in.

Front all closed in.

On the side wall we had to put up 2x4's as support beams for the plywood.

My dad helped with this part and the plywood. :)

Then we had to put more orange netting over  the door opening. The 2x4s are also being reused from another project.


The project ended up taking only about 4 hours. We get our chickens very soon! They're just going to be little fluff balls on legs at first, but they'll grow up quickly. I won't get to see them much, though, since we're leaving on tour in less than a week and won't be home for a few weeks. People will be at our house. Just not me. :) So no pictures of them.


  1. Nicely done! Checkens sound like fun, and delicious! Who's saying at your house? Is Red coming on tour with you guys?

    1. I don't really want to reveal online who will all be at our house when we're out of town, I'm sure you can understand that. :)

      But Red will be staying at home with some other people. And shotguns. We have a couple of those, too. ;)

  2. Oh, okay. Sorry. I understand and my question was out-of-bounds, so to speak. Shotguns! Cool. Have fun on tour and can't wait to meet you and your Dad. God bless.

    1. It's okay. :)


      Yep, we use them for hunting. We like venison