Friday, September 14, 2012

Tour Day 10 - 9/14/12

Just one event today!

And I didn't get pictures. If you would like to see pictures, check out our other blog that Hannah updated -  she posted pictures, I think.  I haven't read it yet.

We had an earily-ish morning and headed off for a 2 hour homeschool writing seminar.  My dad spoke the entire time, I didn't say a word! Except to answer a question here or there when no one else will. I'm the Star Wars expert. :)

After the talk a family took us out to lunch and it was raining quite a bit.  Then we headed back to our hotel room and each did our own thing. Writing, whatever.

Hannah and I walked .5 miles to a McDonald's and picked up smoothies for us all and then walked back. It was dark, but there were street lights and we had a cell phone. And Hannah knows karate. ;)

Tomorrow we have a book signing and another talk, which I probably will speak at. Can't imagine why I wouldn't.  Have a good night!

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