Friday, September 14, 2012

Tour Day 7 - 9/11/12

Another day of events!

We had a total of five talks this busy day. The first two talks were at St. Philips school in Petrolia, Ontario. We spoke to 5th and 6th grade - I believe - for a total of two talks.

I didn't have any pictures that were very post-worthy, so you don't get any pictures from there.

Next was a public high school in Petrolia. We taught a short writing workshop with 9th graders first, and 10 minutes into it the fire alarm went off!

Don't worry - it was a scheduled drill and they had warned us about it.

So after the drill we all filed back in and got back to work.

In the background of this picture the slide shows a small section of Project 'R' :)

These kids were great and seemed to really like our presentation.

Signing books

The second group of kids also seemed to really like our talk and were quite interactive with us as we spoke.

They especially liked the sword.

No authors were harmed in the making of this photo

This young lady's name is Anica and she looks quite similar to Monica from Precisely Terminated!

The teacher (Who I seem to not have gotten a picture of) was a great help to us at this event. She was super enthusiastic and really nice, which is always great to see!

And that's all the pictures!

After our event we went to Trinidi's Parable bookstore in Petrolia. We had another talk at the bookstore and an hour or two of signing books. Then the owner of the book store invited us to her house for dinner, which we really appreciated.

At dinner I demonstrated my mimicry skills, and they were quite amused. I don't do that for people often.  

After dinner we fetched some ice cream. I think we deserved it after 5 talks!  Or my dad did anyway. I talked 5 times, yes, but not nearly as long as he did. :) 


  1. I had forgotten about project R! Is it still a secret??