Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On the Road

We leave for Kentucky today.  After today each post will probably be at least 1 day behind because of travel and busy-ness. I'm sure you can understand that. I don't have time to post every day!

I hope to have some buffer posts scheduled just in case. But we'll see how it works out. Sometimes on tour we're so busy we barely have time to breath.

Clothes all laid out. I still need to find a garment bag for this stuff. Eep!

We're running short on time.  But at least I'm as packed as can be for now.  Duffel bag and garment bag, I think that's not too much for a 5 week long trip, do you? 


Road leading from home on a foggy morning.

We drive only 7 hours today, so it'll be an easy trip. We also have no events today. The first one is tomorrow.  I think my speaking is going to be really rusty at first, so if you come out to this event, please be kind. :)  I haven't spoken to a group in a long time!


  1. What a view! You guys are lucky to live in the country. And don't worry Amanda; I'm sure you'll do fine. I think by the time you get in too Canada you'll be better than ever. And no, I don't think a garment bag and a duffel bag are too much. And have fun!