Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 17 - 9/21/12

(Written by Hannah)

Day 17

Today we went back to Timothy Christian School, where Dad and Amanda did their talks and sat in the library to sell books until 2 pm.

 I did more school and Mom did inventory once again. Before Dad's second talk I went into the room where he had done his first speech and fiddled around on the piano. Unfortunately the second class started coming in before I was on the fourth page of six of the piece I had memorized. So I improvised, cutting off one and a half pages and playing the fifth and sixth. They clapped for me. Huzzah.

 Afterward we drove down the road to a bookstore where we left our inventory to be shipped back to where they came from. An eight hour drive put us at our next hotel in the Yoopy (<< How I say UP) of Michigan at 10:34 pm. We're all stomped now. *in the process of falling asleep*

 The drawer pulls at our hotel this morning

 First class (I didn't get a picture of the second)

 A kid who had Dad sign his Gators hat. (He likes the Gators because of Tim Tebow)

One of the boys holding the sword with Dad.

 I was excited to see these books in the store we stopped at. Wayne Batson and Scott Appleton

 Scott Appleton

 Jenny Cote

Christopher and Allan Miller

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