Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tour Day 19 - 9/23/12

(Written by Hannah)

Today we slept in! Yay!

We reorganized the van again and drove four hours from International Falls, Minnesota to Steinbach, Manitoba.

At our hotel there was an awesome pool with a water slide. We got our load of books and repacked them, then went to a family's house. They fed us dinner, which was awesome. After that we talked for a bit, then I went outside and played around with the people who weren't busy; Josiah, Chloe, and Kaitlyn.

Dad signed Tracey's books and we headed back to our hotel where Mom finished inventory and we had devotions and everyone but me went to bed. Here are some pictures. Not many, but we didn't have a busy day.

 Merely one of the results of four-hour boredom. It wasn't a long trip, but for some reason I got bored more quickly than normal. By the way, that's my earphone cords braided.

 My awesome shoes and my awesome socks. :D

 Cow, cow, horsey, horsey, cow cow, cow.

 We passed a few fields where there were these big piles of rocks in random places with no apparent reason for them, so I took a picture.

Our dinner host family with Mom, Dad, and Amanda

Family with Mom, Dad, and me.

Dad signing books.

Okay, goodnight.

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