Sunday, September 2, 2012

Karate Tournament

Some of you know Hannah is into karate.  She's a red belt, which in her discipline of karate is between brown and black. So her next belt will be black. 

Recently we went to a small tournament put on at a park, informal, but fun.

Waiting for Hannah's turn to spar.

Lots and lots of sparing.

It was a fun event, we were there for a few hours, but there's not much else to report. Hannah did well. :)

On the way home we saw a train, but my little camera isn't good at taking night pictures.

As you can see.


  1. You guys are like super heroes! The question isn't 'what do you do?' the question is 'what DON'T you do?' You do clogging classes, you do karate, you get chickens, you build the pen for the chickens, you fix things, you woodwork, you hunt, and you write amazing stories!! I've never met someone who can do all that.

    1. God has blessed us with many abilities.

      But Hannah is the only one who does Karate. :) And she doesn't clog. I clog but I don't do karate.