Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Project

Our house is built on a crawl space, as you've seen before in the duct tape project.

In the post, I mentioned what terrible shape the cover doors are in, in that post.

I decided to do something about that the other day and paint them.

We have a few cans of rustoleum paint in the garage, so I pulled those out and used them up.

One door before. I forgot to take a picture of the other


Door Number 1

Door Number 2

The doors are different colors because I ran out of some cans. I did a white primer coat on both doors and then used some black/dark gray I had on one door and then got half a coat on the second door and the black ran out, so that one turned grey, but I think it looks all right anyway. :)

Now the rust is stopped, and these don't bug me every time I see them. I think they look better.


  1. They look much better! Our crawl space door is in need of the same treatment. My mom and I think it would be so cute if we painted it to look like a cat is peeking out from under the house! Don't think that will happen though. =)

    1. That is a neat idea! I think it would startle me every time I looked at it though! Our cats have gotten into our crawlspace before and caused problems.