Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the Shutter Front

Things are off to an unexpected star.

I began merrily on my way, taking the screws out of the shutters only to find this underneath.

Dirt galore.

So then I had to scrub the walls behind every shutter. That added a lot of time to my schedule. Oh well. It's done now.

Along with lots of hornets nests. Yay (You can't much tell from the picture, but there is a nest there). 
Fortunately, the nests behind 3 of the window's shutters were unoccupied, but on the 4th window, no such luck. The 4th window had live nests under each shutter.  The hornets were quickly put to an end with spray.

One set of shutters after two coats of paint.

And here they are put back on the window.

The most faded shutters of all.

Before and after.

I still have one set of shutters left to put back on the wall, and then I'll take a picture of all of them.  At least they're all painted now.


  1. Wow. That's a big improvement. Wasps?!! I hope you didn't get stung/bit.

    1. Yes, I did get stung once, but not from those wasps. I was setting up a ladder near a rose bush and a wasp living in there attacked me. Fortunately, I'm not allergic and I'm perfectly all right. :)

  2. They're looking great! I love projects where you can see lots of improvement!