Friday, July 27, 2012

Off to Florida! - Us Edition

This time it's my family (those who still live at home) who headed off to Florida, not just my sister and nephews.

Because we like to keep things interesting around here, we decided to leave for Florida at 6:30PM (July 13th)and drive through the night. My dad's intrepid like that. 14 hour drive. No biggie.

July 13th was cow appreciation day, so of course we had to participate and go to Chick Fil A dressed up as cows for free food.

We had cow ears, tails, the whole outfit.  And we were black cows with white spots. Going against the grain, yo.

It was fun. :)  Chick Fil A in Tupelo, MS was the place to go! They were kind enough to give us all a sandwich, medium drink, medium fry, and a large milkshake each!

We also plan on participating in support Chick Fil A day on August 1st. We think it's a great company.

After we were loaded up with our scrumptious meal, we headed off into the wild yonder . . . of Alabama.   Our route was Corinth, MS, Tupelo, MS, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL.   And plenty of cities in between.  

We arrived at my grandmother's house at around 9:30 AM.  My dad drove 12 of the 14 hours, and I drove 2.  My cousin, sister - in - law accompanied us on this trek. Everyone pretty much slept the whole way. Except my dad. We'd be mad if he'd have slept. Since he's the driver.


  1. Y'all rocked those cow outfits! And the sunglasses were a nice touch. =)

  2. I agree with anna amd ill get my family to go eat at chick fil a on august 1st