Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yard Work

When you live in rural Tennessee, chances are, you own property, and a good bit of it. There's a 55 acre lot next to us sitting empty. One of our neighbor's owns 150 acres and another owns 300+, while another owns 106 (Though it's for sale right now - they're moving).

Our property is a bit less extensive - just 22 acres, which is not all that much for people around here.  Still, it's plenty for us. About twelve acres are completely covered in woods, there are ravines, gulleys, and tangles of thorn vines that make some parts impenetrable, but the rest is clear fields.

In the front yard, we have about 15 fruit trees, apple, cherry, pear, peach, and one almond (Yes, I know, it's not a fruit tree), but they're all little, mostly just sticks for the most part. 

One of our current projects is a patch of land next to our front walk. My sister tilled up a section of ground as long as our front walk and about 7 feet wide.  She and my mom are working on clearing it for planting this fall, and I thought I'd start to take pictures of their progress, though I forgot 'before' pictures.

Here are some 'during'.

The plastic and cardboard are laid down so no weeds grow up between now and fall planting!  The sticks you see in  some places are baby cherry bushes. There are five of them along the patch.

In the background, our garden is visible.

My mother and sister have made great progress here. I've been busy working on another project while I'll post about soon.

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