Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ICRS and Other Florida Fun

We stayed in Florida a total of 9 days, I believe. I didn't really keep track.  We filled the days with ICRS, playing Rummikub, playing the card game 'Scum,' visiting friends, hanging out with family, and some of us went to Rock Springs and the beach.

Three of the days were spent fully at ICRS, so that took up much of our time in FL, then the rest we did whatever we pleased, really. We weren't very scheduled.

Oh! One day my dad and I hosted an open house for his fans to come over and ask questions about the books, listen to our speeches, that sort of thing. 18 people came to that, plus my siblings and their families. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I'm a bit rusty on my speech giving, though, since it's been about 7 months since I did my last one. You'd think after 103 public speaking events I wouldn't get rusty, but I do. I'm not very good at public speaking, so it takes a lot to get warmed up.

I'd better stay warmed up, because my dad and I are going on tour in Canada in September and October and there are many speaking opportunities there!  Book signings are my preferred event, though school events are nice, too, because the kids are usually so enthusiastic. :)

The drive home from Florida was uneventful. We left Sunday morning and arrived in Tennessee Sunday night. Monday we plunged straight into yard work, cleaning up and mowing our 9 day neglected yard. Grass grows fast!


  1. I am pumped for September! I'll get to meet you and your dad in person for the first time!! I think I'm going to buy NI from you in person. May that pesky grass stop growing while you’re gone.

  2. That'd be great. Looking forward to meeting you on our tour.

    Yes, the grass is almost ready to cut again. It can't take a hint.