Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trip to the Mailbox

I have a few unwanted/unused things listed on Amazon and one sold the other day, so I had to ship it off. Someone also requested a pre-publication copy of Noble Imposter for an interview thingy, so I mailed that off, too.

I can print mailing labels from home, so I just have to stick them on my packages and put them in the mail box.

Our driveway is rather long.

When we first purchased our house, we left it empty for a year while we lived in Florida and made a slow, easy move up to Tennessee. We had a small, locked mailbox at our street so no one could steal the mail while we were gone for so long.

The slot for the mail person to insert the envelopes, however, was teeny tiny and after we had lived here a few months, the mail deliverer complained that she was always having to drive up our long drive way to the house to give us our mail. So we purchased the largest mailbox we could find and put it up.  It's handy for posting packages.

On either side at the end of our driveway  we have three roses planted in memory of our deceased neighbor, Connie. She died at 57 of congestive heart failure (We live in a rural area and she couldn't get to the hospital in time and yellow roses are her favorite).

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