Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Fix It Projects

When one lives on a 22 acre property and in a largeish house, there's always work to be done. This house was also built to Mississippi standards (Which all the Tennesseans around here scoff at. I have nothing against Mississippians, but apparently the natives around here have problems with their building skills) so anyway, there are a lot of things going wrong with it.

 It's also 15ish years old, which isn't that old for a house, but around the time when many things go wrong. We had to replace both air handlers in the past two years (one for upstairs, one for downstairs). The upstairs air handler has a long and involved story with replacing it that I wont' go into right now.

 Anyway. Last year ago or so, a board beside our garage door started to rot near the bottom, so we had it replaced.

The repair guy never painted it, and we never got around to it, but I had white paint from another project, so I finally got around to painting it.


Other side - 15 year old paint. I decided to repaint it, too

After! Looks much better, yes?

This side repainted - and all my painting stuff is still out.
I also removed the coded garage door opener that was on this wall (See before picture). It has never worked while we've lived here, and it was to a garage door opener that wasn't even installed. It was a LiftMaster and our door opener is a Genie! So I took it off.

The frame of the little door still needs to be painted, but I'll do that later.  This project took about 2 hours total. Set up, painting, and cleanup included.


  1. Big improvement. Good job Amanda.

  2. Wow, they look so much better! I love relatively quick projects that show a lot of progress!