Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Visit and A Pool

You might be interested to know that I'm one of seven siblings. Three boys, four girls. Four of my siblings are older than I and have all moved out -- unlike myself -- but my elder sister is coming back for a two week visit!

Her husband works for US-AID and they're in progress on moving from their station in India to their new assignment in Indonesia (Where they will stay for two years or so), so while that's going on, my sister and her two sons will be staying with us for a couple weeks. Vacation, you could say.

Now entertaining 3 and 4 year old boys could be pretty interesting around here. We live in rural Tennessee, an hour and a half away from any major city, so there's not really much to do around here unless you like cow tipping.

It happens to be, however, that one of my older brothers lives in that major city, however, and he has some friends who had this old pool they were going to throw away. Supposedly, nothing wrong with it except it was dirty. It came with all the parts, chemicals, etc. All we had to do was come pick it up.

In preparation for my nephews coming over, I decided it would be a good idea. My mother and I drove to this city and picked up this pool in the back of our van. It's 42 inches deep and 15 feet across. The sides were black and there were leaves, spiders, and roaches all over it.

I brought it home, inflated the floating ring on top, filled the pool, and scrubbed the sides and got this result.

Much better than it was, I can tell you, but I was disappointed to find a leak in the upper inner tube. Fortunately, I located the leak and was able to stop it with duct tape, since my parents said they wouldn't buy a patch to fix it.

But after a few days, it continued to leak despite the duct tape and they relented and now we have this. 

And I couldn't get the duct tape residue off, but you can see the new patch and the hole through it. At least it doesn't leak any more!

My nephews should enjoy this immensely, they love to swim.

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