Monday, July 23, 2012

Going On a Walk Outside Today

Evenings around here are prime walking time.

It's too hot in the afternoon and morning's are too busy.

So we often take family walks in the evenin 1 - 3 miles.  This one was 3 miles long.

About 1 miles from home

1.25 miles and the road turns to gravel

And there's a stream

Our neighbors who are about 1/2 mile away from us have 106 acres (For sale, btw)

They have quite a few horses and one just had a baby. :) He's adorable.

Baby with his mom

The donkey just had a baby, too
In my opinion, he's even cuter than the baby horse.

And a whole herd of them. I think they're adorable. All ponies, too, so they're tiny. :)


  1. That sounds like fun, walking as a family! It's to dangerous for me to go walking on my road. Since its a country road lots of people speed. :(
    And what adorable animals! I wish I had a horse! :)

    1. That's too bad. We walked three miles and didn't see a single car the entire walk.

  2. Wish we could go walking as a family but there are not the nest people that live in our suberb people that are on perole live here kinda gives me the creeps and i agree the donkey is WAYYYYYYYYYYY cuter then the hosre ( no afence little horsey )

    1. I'm sure if you walked as a family, you would all probably be safe. :)