Monday, July 9, 2012

Shutters Off

Things often only get fixed or cleaned around here if they start to bug me (Or my sister Red).  Top on my 'Annoyance' list were our shutters.

Our house has 4 windows on the front and each has a set of green faux shutters on the sides.  They're a drab green.

Some in better shape than others. There are two windows overlooking our small front porch, and their shutters were in good shape, though rather faded with sun.

However, there are also two windows that get full sun light every day all day and they are not doing well

This one is especially bad, though the picture really doesn't do it justice.  (And yes, I know our hedges need to be trimmed, that's another one on the list, but pretty far down.)

The shutters on these two unfortunate windows are coming off the wall, some held on by only two screws (from the original 6 per shutter) and the paint was almost completely gone in some parts.

My mission, that I chose to accept, was to take off all the shutters, wash them, repaint them, and rehang them.

We'll see how it goes.

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