Saturday, July 28, 2012

Visiting Family

 One of the days in Florida we got to spend some time with our family and see my brother, his wife, and their daughter, Madelynn.

  My sister and nephews hung out with us as well and my cousin and other sister in law were there, too! It was quite a crowd, but fun. :)

My parents with their granddaughter
My parents, Madelynn, my older sister, and 3 year old nephew Gabe

Older sister and Madelynn

Gabe taking pictures

Madelynn, my grandmother and me - Madelynn is her great granddaughter, of course

With Red in the bakground

Siblings and their kids. My older sister and oldest brother. 4 year old nephew Zachary didn't want his picture taken for some reason

Two sisters in law!  Nicole is in the red dress. She brought presents for Maddie.  Brandi is holding the pink sweater. She's Maddie's mom.

She really did like her presents, even if she doesn't show it. :)  She's a very easy going baby

We had dinner together and talked for awhile. I don't remember if we played board games or not. We played a lot of Rummikub while we were there, because it's my grandmother's favorite game. We played it almost every night, much to Red's displeasure. She doesn't like it very much. I do, though. If I'm in the mood. :)


  1. I just thought of something in your dads book dragons in oir midst there was a girl named " Red " did your dada name her after " Red" your sister cause that would make alot of sence and maddie is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and i love the game " Rummikub " its so much fun i first heard of it in my co-op one of my math teachers had us play it.

    1. No, Red in the book was not named after my sister Red, because Red, my sister, didn't start going by Red until a few years ago, long after The Candlestone was written. :)