Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Pink Palace

There's a museum in Memphis called the Pink Palace. It's an old mansion turned into museum with an interesting history.

The founder of the Piggly Wiggly convenience store started building this mansion for himself, but ran out of money halfway through. The city of Memphis purchased the shell of a house and turned it into a museum.  So the 'palace' looks like a mansion on the outside, but not like a mansion on the inside.

My mom, sister, and I took my nephews there to see the dinosaur exhibit they have going right now.

Lots of casts of skeletons and such.

I didn't take many pictures with this camera. I'll do another post with pictures I took on a different camera.

3 year old nephew was terrified of them (even though he was so excited to go see them!)

This animatronic dino at the exhibit entrance was especially frightening for him. He wouldn't let my mom put him down.

After the palace, we went to Wendy's

Some of us behaved better than others. ;)

The pink palace had many very interesting looking exhibits, but we basically jogged through some of them because of the boys, so I would like to go back some time. It's free between the hours of 2 and 4, I believe.  But if you're interested in going, you should check their website first.


  1. Cool. I love museums! If I lived in that area I would definatly go see it. Is the woman in the Wendy's photos your sister?