Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Wood Working Project

Hannah and I started another project the other day.   This one was a small bookshelf to hang over her bed.

She has a bunk bed, so she can't have a bedside table, but likes to keep a water bottle and book by her bed, so we decided this would be a good project for her woodworking credit for high school.


I didn't get many pictures of building this. It was a simple, easy build that didn't take long.

Finishing it off

Starting to paint

We finished building it in one day, but she didn't get it all painted in one day, so you'll have to wait to see the finished project. We're still trying to decide what to build next.  Ideas?


  1. Some chairs? Like nice outside chairs that you can sit on and enjoy the sunshine? Just an idea. Genius idea by the way, adding a shelf for all her stuff

    1. Thanks for the idea. :)

      I think we've decided to do chicken brooder boxes next. We're getting chickens in a week or two!