Thursday, August 23, 2012

Failed Chandelier

I set out to do another painting job recently, but unfortunately, it ended in failure.

Oh, I just spoiled the ending, didn't I?  Oh well. 

In our dining room there was this ugly light fixture/chandelier.

It's probably been there the entire 15 years this house has been around, and it's been there the whole 6 years we've owned our house.

It's got rust spots on it

And some of the globes are cracked (I had taken them off already in this picture)

So I decided to take it down and try the paint procedure on it

It ended up looking pretty nice, IMO, covered all the spots


I taped the globes to paint them since the glass didn't come out

Anyway, the chandelier looked good when I finished, but then it didn't work for some reason. I hooked it all up to the ceiling again, but no luck.  I tried a bunch of different things. I guess some paint got into the wires somewhere, though I plugged all the spots with paper to try to avoid that.

Anyway, we ended up getting a new chandelier.

I think it looks better anyway. I like how the lights point down instead of up like the old one. So while this painting project failed, I've had others succeed, so I'm not all that disappointed.

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