Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spun Yarn

A year ago or so a neighbor hired me to take a raw fleece, wash, pick, card, and spin it for her.

She told me to take my time on getting it done.

So I did.

I finished it last week.   I took plenty of time, eh?

Here is a picture of the finished pile - 11 skeins in all

About 4 pounds of yarn or so, I think.    It's a cottswold fleece, for those of you who care to know.   It's one of my better spinning jobs, too, very smooth, even yarn, if I do say so myself.

The yellow bits you see are commercially spun yarn bits holding the skeins together so they don't become a tangled mass.

I'm done with all my spinning projects for awhile. I have to concentrate on writing my book!  

I delivered these skeins to the owner and got paid (yay!), and I got to tour their far with my family.  That was interesting, since they have bees, chickens, pigs, sheep, and cows. We would like to get bees eventually, so we were particularly interested in that.


  1. My BFF lives in a suburb and her dad made a beehive bought some bees and now they have a bee hive next to there house to ave fresh honey they painted the hive to to and put a bible verse on it that talks about bees and honey. You should really get bees there fun to just look at when bored.

    1. That's very cool. :)

      It's a neat idea, maybe we'll paint our beehives, too, if we ever get them!