Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wood Working Class - Raised Garden Boxes

My youngest sister, Hannah, is 15and in high school. Homeschool high school. Anyway, my mom has her credits all planned out for which courses she's going to take and when to meet all the state requirements.   My mom had everything mapped out, and she was coming up a credit short. It could be a credit for anything, she just needed one. So my dad and I figured Hannah could do wood shop/wood working. 

Since my grandfather moved in with us he brought a table saw, a drill press, and a sander with him, and we had some tools as well, so we had a good start.

I was elected to be her teacher because I'm good at reading and following directions (we get our plans online for free. Check out this site. It's really awesome)  and I've taken woodworking classes before in 4-H.

Mostly I just stand back and direct. As seen here.

Hair back, eye and ear protection on, and cutting

Our first project was two raised garden boxes for planting herbs

And yeah, we have to work on the floor of the garage. Better than nothing

Measuring and marking



Glue is drying.  The clamps are from my grandfather, too

Almost done!

She was pretty proud of her first project

Which look remarkably

Like coffins

After they were built we commenced to paint them a light grey.

We decided to paint them because we thought it would make them last long. We decided on grey because it was a suitable paint type on the Wal-mart 'Mistake' paint shelf.  Paint that was mixed improperly (so it's the wrong color) and is on sale for 50% off.   Sounds good to us.  It's a nice grey anyway.

So two boxes for herbs. They are 6 feet long by 1ish foor wide (a little wider than a foot).  We're making a bookshelf next and then another garden box that's going to be 12 feet long. For raspberries.

The classes are going well so far. :) 


  1. Does she have her eyes rolled up in the picture where she's pretending to be dead? They look creepy. Sounds and looks like you guys had fun.

  2. Sorry. I looked a little closer and realized she just had them closed, but still good job!