Friday, August 10, 2012

Fixing a Leak

Since my grandfather moved in we no longer have a guest room and sometimes have to use air mattresses. We also keep them for camping purposes and have 4  of them.

They're a few years old and almost all of them have leaks now. We cleaned out all our closets the other day and pulled out the mattresses. I volunteered to find and fix the leaks I could. 1 bed has a built in pump, so I couldn't test that one, and 1 didn't have any leaks, so that leaves just two to test.

Blowing up the pumps in the back yard

It was pretty humid

I put the mattresses in the pool and dunked them under water to see where any air bubbles came out. It worked perfectly.

Then I used the left over pool patches to patch the holes I found (1 in each air mattress)

And I was done in no time! It was pretty fun, since I got to go swimming at the same time.


  1. Sounds like you killed two birds with one stone. Fix the mattresses and go for a swim! Was the water cold?

    1. Yep. :)

      No, the water wasn't cold. It was quite comfortable.