Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mowing the Lawn

We have quite a bit of lawn to cover with our mower. It takes about an entire day to mow, if the grass isn't too thick.

I mowed this time around and I made sure the grass got blown into rows as I mowed because we rake all the clippings up afterwards.

We use these clippings in compost, to stop erosion, and as mulch in the garden and rose beds.  It usually takes about as long to rake and gather the clippings as it does to mow. An entire day.  With two or more of us working.

I took some 'during' pictures. All the grass mowed into rows.

Our dog, Callista, in her pen that I just mowed

Callista's enclosure, the 'Paddock,' she lives here because she wanders off (She's 15) if she's let out.

Side yard, two butterfly bushes, a rose bush, and a bit of our magnolia tree

Our garden, already all raked.  Blueberries on the left, okra on the right

Mowed except on the left, need the smaller push mower for that bit.

What we call our 'baseball' field, even though no one ever plays baseball. You can see the rows of grass

More yard

More of the garden!

Side yard and clippings

I don't have any pictures of our front yard or back yard or other side yard, either.  Lots and lots of mowing!


  1. Wow. That looks like an insane amount of work! Really cute dog. What breed is she? Mmmmmmm, blueberries. Good job on the mowing. It looks fantastic.

    1. thank you!

      Callista, our dog, is a 15 year old Australian Shepherd.

      It's about time to mow again, too, and we'll have to do all that raking all over again. These pictures are missing about 4 acres of yard we have to mow as well.

  2. I love australian sheps. Were i take riding the barn dogs one hesss soooooooo cute he has fur that looks like eyebrows his name is Buddy