Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Remember the Ducts?

 Remember how my dad and I found that leak in our ducts that was air conditioning underneath our house and we patched it with rags and duct tape?

Welll, the other day I went under the house and checked on it, and it wasn't doing too hot.  In fact, it was much too cold.

So much air was still getting through, that there was condensation on the tape and it (the tape) was peeling off.  See the little water droplets?

So I went under the house armed with this can, gloves, and eye protection to seal up this hole.

This hole. See? Like . . . two inches big or so.

The can was 'Great Stuff'.  I kid you not, that's it's name. 'Great Stuff'.  It's expanding, hardening insulation foam. Just spray it up in the gap like spray paint, fills it up, hardens, and seals out all air. 

Messy, but does the job, and hey, it's under the house, who's going to see?

Oh, right. You guys.

Anyway, that seems to have taken care of the problem. Yay!   On to other projects. Hopefully, I'll fix them once and for all the first time, unlike this one.


  1. I bet the 'Great Stuff' was fun to spray! =)

    1. Yes, it was. :) I might have gotten a little carried away. :P