Monday, August 6, 2012

Found More Pictures!

I didn't have any more pictures of me spinning, but a friend did! And she sent them to me after my status update full of woe on Facebook, saying I had none (before my dad took my picture).

 Recently I helped out at a Civil War event in a near by town. I volunteered to demonstrate spinning. And of course I had to wear my period costume. I made this dress about 5 years ago, but it still gets the job done.

 Other people who participate in this event, some of them have a different costume each time!

 I don't because 1. I have no place to store all of those costumes and 2. I wear the dress twice every year, I don't think I need another. :)

In these pictures I'm demonstrating a Navajo Ply, also a chain ply. It's taking a single strand of yarn and turning it into a three ply yarn. It's very simple, but not all that easy.

 I really like it though, because it produces a nice, even yarn, and it's great for creating an evenly variegated yarn. Make sense?


  1. Uh, not really. I didn't understand most of that, but sounds cool. I like the costume. It looks good on you

    1. Thank you. I'm not too fond of the first picture, but it showed me spinning, so I kept it.

      The vocabulary that comes with spinning isn't at all necessary as long as one can spin and spin well. I didn't know most of the vocabulary until last year and I had been spinning for 4 years at the time. 'That thingy' works just as well as saying 'fly assembly'.