Monday, August 13, 2012

Goings On

We've been doing more canning around here as well as house cleaning and writing and just regular chores. Nothing all that interesting. We don't do super fun things every day around here . . . . as you can probably tell already from my other posts. :)

I wrote 1,700 words on my book 'CCB3' the other day, so that was good. Usually when  I write that much in a day, I don't get much else done, but I did a good bit that day, yet I can't remember what it was now!

Wish I had more interesting things to tell you all, but that's about it for now. Pretty tired! Lots to do tomorrow. Like change out the saw blade on my table, help my sisters get the pets (4 cats and 1 dog) to take to the vet for their yearly rabies shots and aluminum cans to take to the dump (We sell them for scrap metal), and more writing and yard work. And canning tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes

Have a good day!

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