Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving Furniture

With the leak discovered we have a lot of work to do to fix it.

 The very first thing we have to do is cause a wreck of our house by rearranging our furniture and moving things so we can still eat and cook and tear up the kitchen at the same time.

Moved all the furniture from this wall (The fridge is against this wall on the otherside)

We have to move the fridge out of this corner  and somewhere we could still access it.  It is very heavy

Everything is in a jumble =(

Once every thing is moved we start demolition!
FFirst the tiles have to come off then below them is a 1/2 inch thick concrete board then linoleum.  All of it has to be ripped up!

It's very difficult.

Red helped for a bit, but my dad and I did most of it.

We got this done in one evening. 2/3 of the kitchen to go.  Whew


  1. Hard work. Not fun. If I lived near you guys I would ask to help, but alas! I cannot. Sounds complicated. Let’s hope God helps you guys to do a good job without it being expensive.