Thursday, August 2, 2012

Garage Clean Up

First things first with the garage clean up. We had to take all the stuff out.

It filled up our little yard in front of the drive way.

I also pulled up some weeds that were living between the garage pad and pad right in front of the garage.

 Then it was time to pressure was everything! 

And wait for it to dry
We moved everything out except the fridge. The fridge we moved across the garage and washed one side
Then moved it back and washed the other part of the garage.
Then we waited for things to dry

And we used some towels to help, too

Then we put everything back, but neatly this time
My table saw and planer are under the blankets you see. Gotta protect them from dust and such.

Shoes on a shelf that's almost as old as I am. The boxes are full of empty canning jars

Utility closet

My mom, Red, Youngest sister (YS), and I did all this work in one day. Not too bad, I suppose.  My feet hurt from standing barefoot on concrete all day!

Our garage floor is extremely slippery when wet, so I researched painting or refinishing it, for my grandfather's safety, but determined it wouldn't work out. Apparently, our garage floor is chemically sealed and it would take some professional tools and chemicals to strip it, etch it, and then paint it. The floor doesn't get wet all that often, so we decided to leave it as is.


  1. s like your feet got nicked, but you’re still alive! Good job, it looks great! Looks like a lot of work. God bless

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