Monday, August 20, 2012

Painting in Progress

Here's an hour or two's work of painting.

The poles are primed and painted almost all the way up so that I don't have to worry about those climbing roses anymore. Wanted to get that out of the way before the roses took over and it would be more difficult to paint behind them.

I covered them with a sheet while painting as not to splatter them with white.

I had the bucket of paint resting on one of those steps there.   I had been painting in the hot sun for hours and felt kind of dizzy, so I was going to stop and be done.   But as I was picking up the bucket of paint, it caught on the lip of the stair and a huge splatter got all over me and all over the deck . . . So I had to paint there, too.

I guess the paint decided that I wasn't done.

Just doing a little each day - everything you see in these pictures was just primed, no paint, and it's not primed all the way, either . . . Obviously.

While up on the deck I noticed that our access door to our storage room was getting a little weather worn.

See all the missing paint?

We get high, high wind speeds up here on our unprotected hill, and debris gets blown up here a lot, tearing the paint from the door frame. I'll have to go up there and re paint it some time.  But not now. The deck is a big enough job for now.


  1. Haha! The paint decided to attack eh? Are you the only one paining the deck? You should call your family to help you. Sounds like a great place to live thought.

    1. Yep! =)

      My family wasn't helping me, since I volunteered to do this project, but it has since been deemed that I'm too busy to take this on right now, so my youngest sister will be taking over soon. When that will actually happen, I don't know.

      Yes, it is a great place to live. We're very blessed. :)

  2. Amanda, you're supposed to paint the roses red, not white! =) Saying you protected the roses from paint with a sheet made me think of Alice in Wonderland where the paint the white roses red! Hee hee!