Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spinning Yarn

We're members of Costco  and every month or so they send out a magazine 'The Costco Connection,' and in their August edition, they called for crafters to send in emails about their hobbies.  So I figured I give it a shot and wrote to them about my spinning, but I realized I basically had no pictures of me spinning!  So I took some pictures of my spinning wheel and my dad took some pictures of me spinning

Yarn on the wheel.

Single ply cottswold white yarn. I'll be plying it later

And me spinning

With some piles of done yarn at my feet
So I wrote up an email and included the pictures and sent it off. We'll see if I ever get a response. It was fun, even if I don't . :)


  1. Fun. I'd love to learn to spin one day, but we don't have a spinning wheel and we have no money for things like that.

    1. Yes, a spinning wheel isn't something you just jump up quickly to buy. An inexpensive on is $300.

      If you're interested in learning how to spin, I'd recommend starting with a drop spindle. Those cost only about $5 for a cheap one, so it's a good place to begin if you want to just see if you'd like spinning.