Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Penzey's and The Doctor . . . Appointment

I spent almost an entire day recently taking my grandfather to one of his many doctor's appointments. Not anything serious, just a regular check up, don't worry.

 It's an hour + drive to the Dr, and my mom had things to do at home, so I volunteered to take him.

 We also had some shopping to get done at various stores. Just across the street from the Dr. is a Penzey's Spice store.

And we love Penzey's. The send out catalogs every month or every other month (I don't remember), and they're always full of great recipes and articles, and each magazine has a coupon on the front! Sometimes it's for $5 off, but more often than not it's for a free bottle of some sort of spice!   We love free spice!

Our favorite kind is Mural of Flavor, but this month's coupon was for a free 1/4 cup of Mitchell Street, a steak, chicken, or fish rub. We haven't tried it out yet, but I hope we do soon.

Another one we really like is Tuscan Sunset, and yet another is Northwoods seasoning, we use that a lot when we cook venison.     We also really like their taco seasoning but we can't use it anymore because it has whey in it (a dairy product) and my sister Red is allergic to dairy. So we just use a chili powder, paprika, and some cumin and garlic in our tacos now.

And by the way, Penzey's in no way contacted me about doing this post. or posting about them. They probably don't even know I exist, but I know they do and I appreciate them. 

Anyway. There's a penzey's across the street from the Dr's office. So I got my grandfather settled in in the waiting room and walked to the Penzey's picked up the free spice, and walked back. After the appointment we zoomed around to our various shopping destinations, went out to Wendy's for lunch, saw a friend from clogging class at Wendy's, and zoomed* home.

 And I managed to write a couple hundred words that day anyway. Go me!

 Zoomed = going the speed limit.


  1. Mmmmm Spice... free spice. Glad you go the speed limit. You guys sure do go to Wendy's a lot, don't you?

    1. It would seem like it, huh?

      But no, not really. :) Normally, we eat out less than once a month, sometimes once every two months. It's been an odd month in the area of eating out.

      We do eat out more often when we're on book tours. When one is gone for 4 weeks it's hard not to eat out!